2018 Art Exhibits

Winged Ghost View #1.jpg

Art In Nature : Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit          May 26 - Oct. 8

Art in Nature 2018: Outdoor Sculpture is an exhibition of extraordinary sculpture by regional artists situated in the beautiful landscape of The Fells. A sneak peek of the exhibit opens to the public on May 26. The full installation will have a gala unveiling on June 24. The complete exhibition runs from June 24th-October 8th. All sculptures are available for purchase with The Fells receiving a portion of the proceeds. Sponsored by Pellettieri and Associates, Inc., Charter Trust Company and Timberpeg


Morning Along the Margaree 25X30.jpg

Bringing Light to Life: Frances Weston Hoyt  May 26 - Oct. 8

Bringing Light to Life is an exhibit of oil paintings by Frances Weston Hoyt (1908-2005.) Originally from Elizabeth, NJ, Hoyt attended the Art Students League in New York and studied with the renowned painter and teacher, Frank Vincent DuMond. Among DuMond’s students in New York were Norman Rockwell, Georgia O’Keefe, and John Marin. Hoyt’s approach to landscape painting was inspired by DuMond’s development of the “prismatic palette,” a system for the artist to really understand and control value and color. Hoyt’s growth and development as an artist can be seen in the vast number of exhibitions and many awards and honors she has received. But it is the power and beauty of her artwork that speaks for itself. It is our hope that this exhibition will allow Frances Weston Hoyt’s paintings to continue to teach us how to perceive, how to really see, and how to capture light and bring it to life. The exhibit runs from May 26th-October 8th and is displayed on the 2nd floor of the Main House. We are grateful for the generosity of the Hoyt family for the loan of these paintings and artifacts. Sponsored by McGray & Nichols and White & Associates.


The Distant View: Painters Who Painted with Frances Weston Hoyt May 26 - Oct. 8

The Distant View is an exhibition of artists painted with Frances Weston Hoyt. Some were private students of Hoyt, others were simply friends and colleagues who enjoyed painting with Fran. Each of these artists has his or her own story to tell, but they are also eager to share their relationship with Frances Weston Hoyt with us. Discover how these painters use light and shadow, and a prismatic color palette to capture the beauty of nature. The artists participating in this show include: Debbie Campbell, Rob Caputo, Mary Jane Q. Cross, Lisa Jelleme, Bruce Jennings, Vicki Koran, Susan Parmenter, Gil Perry, Sarah Pike, and John Traynor. 1st floor gallery of the Main House. These works may be purchased through The Fells. Sponsored by Old Hampshire Designs.