About The Fells

Our Mission

Our mission is to welcome people of all ages to The Fells, making each visit an enriching experience with opportunities to explore and learn from our natural lakeside setting, our renowned gardens, and the historic achievements of statesman John Hay.

Our Vision

The Vision of The Fells is a restored and preserved Hay Family estate on Lake Sunapee that:

  • Draws people together to share interests in history, horticulture, ecology, and the protection of the lake;
  • Offers enriching educational programs and events to stimulate further the pursuit of those interests;
  • Provides access that lets visitors enjoy their Fells experience within a safe, tranquil environment and wildlife refuge.

The Fells Board of Directors

Board Members

  • David Blohm, Chair
  • David Bashaw, Vice Chair
  • Karen Goober, Secretary
  • Tom Stark, Treasurer
  • Jane VanBremen, Recording Secretary
  • Kristen Begor
  • Chris Bishop
  • Bill Dowd
  • John Ferries
  • Charlie Forbes
  • Harry Gazelle
  • Al Griggs
  • Bill Horn
  • Jacqueline Hudkins
  • Fritz Hunting, Emeritus
  • Dave Macdonald
  • Allan Munro
  • Bill Palmer
  • Pam Perkins
  • "Rink" Reynders
  • Ralph Sweetland
  • Gusta Teach, Emeritus
  • Peter Voss
  • Barbara Wheaton
  • Perry Wheaton, Emeritus (Deceased)

The Fells Staff Members

Stephanie Britz, Member Services–ext. 3

Brick Moltz, Education Director–ext. 5


Tanya Paul, Outreach Director–ext. 6

Michelle Martinat, Landscape Director–ext. 206

Susan Warren—Executive Director—ext. 4


Contact Information

The Fells Historic Estate & Gardens
Lake Sunapee 456 Route 103A
PO Box 276
Newbury, New Hampshire 03255
Phone: (603) 763-4789
Email info@thefells.org