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Camps and Programs for Kids

Discover fun and educational programs for pre-schoolers through teens. We offer hands-on and engaging programs for all ages. See our Calendar of Programs and Events to find the right one for your child! 

Nature Explorer Activity Kits

Explore the woods and gardens of The Fells with our Nature Explorer Activity Kit! Topics include; Finding Your Way and Safety, Mammals, Birds and Insects, Spiders and Webs, Animal Tracks, Trees, Habitats, and Nature Journaling. Twenty packs available, each containing binoculars, a magnifying glass, a NH animals track guide, an ecology-themed activity booklet (appropriate for grades K-4), a map, clipboard, and pen–all packed into a convenient backpack. Packs may be signed out at the Gatehouse weekdays, 9am-4pm. Free use with Fells admission (deposit of driver’s license or major credit card required, to be returned upon receipt of backpack and items). Snowshoes recommended for winter trail use.

School Groups And Class Field Trips Click Here.

The Fells Fairy Village

Visit the Fairy Village, tucked in a woodland niche behind the Old Garden–just off the Wildflower Loop–a special place where families connect with nature. For as long as stories have been told, fairies have captured the imagination of the young and young at heart. Many houses make a village, build yours with natural found objects and leave for all–including the woodland fairies–to enjoy.


Valley Quest uses treasure hunts to celebrate community, natural history, cultural sites, stories and special places. The Fells hosts a summer Valley Quest, one of over 200 in and around the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont. Each quest is a set of rhyming clues that leads guests by and to a special natural or cultural place. Solve the riddle to find a treasure box. You can find The Fells Quest (also known as the Hay Refuge Quest) in Valley Quest: 89 Treasure Hunts in the Upper Valley (2001) and in the upcoming Valley Quest III: The Best of Valley Quest (2008). Copies of the Fells Quest are also available at The Fells Gatehouse. For more information on Valley Quest, visit